NamasteThe god in me sees the god in you. I honor and respect you.

satyameva jayate nanṛtaṃ satyena panthā vitato devayānaḥ |yenākramantyṛṣayo hyāptakāmā yatra tat satyasya paramaṃ nidhānam

“Truth alone wins, not falsehood; by truth, the Devayanah (the path of the Force) is widened, that by which the seers travel on, having nothing to wish “for, to” where there is that—the highest treasure attained by truth.”

Munduka Upanishad

Uma is the founding director of S.A.T.Y.A. education in the Synergistic Alignment of Tantra, Yoga & Ayurveda. Born in Kenya of Indian descent to a Hindu family of renowned Freedom Fighters, Uma’s childhood was enriched with the values of nature-based peoples in the wild, and the gifts of meaningful life imparted by age-old Yogic traditions.

At age 20, she entered into seclusion to begin a 14-year apprenticeship with her Shaivite guru in his Bali hermitage. Uma has been researching and educating in the field of traditional Laya Yoga and Kundalini Tantra Yoga for more than 30 years.

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