Ayurveda, the Indian Life-Science is a time-tested, cross-cultural, personalised medicinal system relevant to all, anywhere, anytime.

Inherent to its workings is the promotion of free, intelligent compliance with natural law, as the premise of regeneration, preservation and cure.

Formidable is this humanistic system which prevents and undermines disease pathology by exposing both the qualitative and quantitative nature of its elemental process.

Its not just what you can see that is wrong or sick but how that feels for you, in you, even as it seems to change. And how did you get that way and why you and why now? And why does it keep coming back? And now what? All these questions begin the investigative process of self healing and beyond this the process of a real, felt-sense freedom.


Umaa offers personalised health consultations in person and Skype

  • “When I saw Umā, I instantly knew that she had wisdom I longed for. She was this fascinating combination of the strongest force of nature, yet the purest love. In her I saw the balance, peace AND power that I hardly believed one person could possess…Now I actually feel like I too am that combination of a force of nature and the purest love that I saw in her. I have all that I dreamt of now. In my relationships I get showered with love, in my work life I now am asked to guide clients through exactly what I love working with, with my horses I now can communicate by pure thought and most importantly, my body now feels like the safest and most pleasurable place on earth to be in.”

    – Susanna, Mental Health Facilitator, Author of Tänk Dig Fri (Think Yourself Free)
  • “I am more conscious of the choices I make. I have become more aware of my body and what is needed to promote a healthy balance. My mind is clearer, calmer, less distracted than ever before. I am beginning to feel the freedom of being fully human and following a path that is going with nature.”

    – Luca, Stone Mason, Australia/Bali
  • “It is a simple practice of understanding that we are all different and have different needs and Umā points this out a lot in everything she teaches, so you can really see yourself individually and you can understand yourself better. I learned simply to feel, to recognize myself as a being that is in constant change and movement. I learned that if you are with Ayurveda you are never alone. I learned to give myself the time to consciously modify food and whatever necessary to continue in this magic and journey of knowledge.”

    – Claudia, Yoga School Director, México
  • “[Uma is] beyond conceptual supermarket fast-food spirituality. I am a trauma researcher and sexual healer with deep-enough insides to track a predator or perpetrator’s shadow. Through my work and gift of identifying neurological stages, I chose to be around Uma for the last three years to track any manipulative or abusive behaviour and could only witness victim mentality from people who tried to project on Uma and give their power to her without success.”

    – Buster, Sweden – Licensed Mental Health Counsellor, Psychotherapist specialising in Trauma and Addictions
  • “Slowly, with ups and downs I have established a rhythm in my life, something I never was able to manage before. This brings with it a calmness, which enables me to be more connected to what I feel and experience and make more conscious choices in the moment. It builds a base and helps me to get more attuned to my great sensitivity instead of been driven crazy by it.”

    – Cecile, Former Children’s Rights Activist, France
  • “Uma’s Tantra class at Bali Spirit Festival shook me to the core. Uma is bold, daring & powerful. Her strong voice resonated in the ampitheater as she led us through a strong practice to unblock our first three energy centers: earth, water and fire. I was thoroughly vibrating after the intense expulsion of blocked energies from my body. The explosions of sound and energy emanating from this petite, fiery powerhouse knocked the wind out of me.”

    – Carrie Stiles, USA
  • “If you spend time with Uma your relationships may become richer and more real. You may be unable to do the same work you used to and need to find more aligned ways to support yourself. You may respect your need for time alone more and cherish yourself as great company. You may notice others gravitating towards you and complimenting and repetitively telling you that they love you and that you are important to them…Old outdated connections that undervalued you may fall away or transform.”

    – Libby, Australia
  • “Uma makes us go deep down to our roots. What we find along the path down to our roots, is different for everyone, but she doesn’t walk away from the dark and painful things we come across, and she invites us, guides us, to overcome these things. She gives us the confidence that it is good to do this and let go of the things we don’t need anymore. She will stay with us, until we’re through. I’m talking about the things people in general are trying to avoid: anxiety, hatred, disparity, loneliness, sexual desires, etcetera.”

    – Annet, M.D., Ph.D., Obstetrics/Gynecology and Neuroscience, Netherlands