• There is something about you I cant put into words its an energy……. I feel like if you layed on the earth you’d disappear into it like there’s no separation between you and all that is. whilst those of us awakened all claim to know that we are all one with everything but you are the first person I have ever clearly seen that in……
    – Ella, Australia
  • “You probably get this ALL THE TIME but I’m going to say it anyway – I felt an incredibly strong connection to you. I wanted to soak your words into my skin so they could penetrate my deepest being such was the power I felt in your presence. Every syllable you spoke made utter and complete sense to me. I have continued to learn about Ayurveda and am still – even more – fascinated by it.”
    – Katie, Australia
  • “If you spend time with Uma your relationships may become richer and more real. You may be unable to do the same work you used to and need to find more aligned ways to support yourself. You may respect your need for time alone more and cherish yourself as great company. You may notice others gravitating towards you and complimenting and repetitively telling you that they love you and that you are important to them. Please also be warned some people may even describe you as ‘a breath of fresh air’ a ‘darling heart’ a ‘thread of goodness and clarity’ (please heed this warning). Old outdated connections that undervalued you may fall away or transform. You may also feel loved and accepted more for who you are by people who had formerly judged you. You may feel tired from crying senseless tears. You may lose your appetite because your old hungers for true connection become satiated so you may not need substitues as much.”
    – Libby, Australia