Class Experiences

  • “I couldn’t take my eyes off her. It was like everything I had been searching for my whole life was now standing before me. I could feel her gratitude, her immense service to that which has served her, and her dedication to serve also. And something in her voice was calling me, resonating, touching, meeting the deepest place in me that before now nothing had. Beyond the words there is this mystery. It’s like everything is in her and everything is her. I have moments each day where I wonder, “Is this Uma?”
    – Libby, Australia
  • “Uma’s Tantra class at Bali Spirit Festival shook me to the core. Uma is bold, daring & powerful. Her strong voice resonated in the ampitheater as she led us through a strong practice to unblock our first three energy centers: earth, water and fire. I was thoroughly vibrating after the intense expulsion of blocked energies from my body. The explosions of sound and energy emanating from this petite, fiery powerhouse knocked the wind out of me.”
    -Carrie Stiles, USA
  • “In savasana, I felt myself as a wave of energy. It is very difficult to describe, though I was completely conscious and fully present. Energy or electricity in waves, not solid.
    When I talk about it, I say I know what wave/particle theory is from direct experience!
    I have done a lot of satsang, and have felt the boundlessness type of connection to all,
    with explosions of moments of feeling connected to God. But this was a different experience. When I found the edges of my body and realised my physical/particle form, I opened my eyes and everyone was gone!”

    – Charmaine, Australia